Non-Profit Accounting

Palm Bay Incorporations

Non-profit organizations are an integral part of Palm Bay, FL communities, and we understand that time and resources can be limited, especially when it comes to handling bookkeeping and accounting in-house. That’s where New Beginnings Financial Consulting Inc can help. We assist not-for-profit organizations with revenue management and other financial tasks. Our unique understanding of non-profit accounting makes us the top choice for helping your non-profit stay informed about critical financial matters. We are versed in managing revenue streams from grants, fundraising efforts, and other diverse means.

We ensure that your organization maintains tax-exempt status, has appropriate internal controls, and complies with local, state, and federal regulations. Our client roster includes religious organizations, art centers, social welfare organizations, recreational clubs, business leagues, schools, and charities. With our trusted staff managing the bookkeeping and accounting, your team can do what they do best: help your community. When tax time rolls around, we can prepare and file your Form 990 tax return, too.

Non-Profit Accounting Specialists Near You

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