About New Beginnings Financial Consulting Inc

Established in 2004, New Beginnings Financial Consulting (A Certified Public Accounting Firm) was founded on the Biblical principle in Genesis. Every customer has a New Beginnings with us, and we will walk along with Clients on their Financial TRIP (Tax, Retirement, & Insurance Planning) through every stage of their Financial Life.


New Beginnings Financial Consulting Inc., a Certified Public Accounting Firm. We are a full-Service Tax, Accounting, Insurance, and Retirement Planning Firm.

Tax Planning and Accounting

We provide effective Tax Planning through identifying mistakes and missed opportunities, we will figure out your savings, and we will tell you about it. New Beginnings Financial will implement your Tax Planning strategies, ensure year-over-year accounting compliance and maintenance to keep tax deductions identified and update your Tax Positions with ever-changing Tax Laws to ensure you/our clients are taking advantage of the most current Tax Laws and changes.

Retirement and Benefit Plans

Start planning your retirement, we design and implement advance “Tax deductible” retirement plans for small businesses and individuals. Employees and contractors who don't have a benefit plan or 401K Plan, we will design and implement a better alternative for those small business owners and their employees, contractors or individuals that need a Retirement income at every stage of their life when they no longer desire to work.

Advance Life Insurance Planning

As your CPA Firm and Trusted Provider, we are licensed Life insurance professionals and uniquely position to design and implement legacy/life insurance that you do not need to die to use. Every small business need legacy and exit planning for their business. This process will fill the financial gap should business owners become ill and create additional retirement income for life.

For partnership or two or more unrelated owners, we can design and implement advance Insurance planning should circumstances arise and one or more partners or business owner(s) is/are unable to continue with business as usual.

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Meet the Business Owner

Palm Bay Certified Tax Coach

Sean H Adams CPA CTP (Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Planner) President

Sean has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 2005. Sean brings his diverse expertise as a former New York State Financial Services (Banking & Insurance) Regulator, CPA, and a Certified Tax Planner to fulfill clients' financial goals, one person, one family, or one small business at a time, for every stage of his clients financial life.

Food for thought: The IRS has created over 75,000 statutes to assist Self-Employed Individuals and businesses to take advantage of the law and stay compliant. Let me show you how to take advantage of and stay compliant with the Internal Revenue Code.